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Wall insulation in Montana

Insulating a wall in a Seeley Lake home for increased energy efficiency

Here's a news flash: In terms of improving home energy performance, wall insulation may be the least of your worries. That's not because wall insulation isn't important —it is—but most homes already have insulated walls.

Extra insulation is easier to add in the basement, crawl space and attic because foundation walls and attic areas are easily accessible. And these areas are the most likely to be uninsulated or very poorly insulated.

During a home energy checkup, Dr. Energy Saver will be able to inspect and assess insulation levels throughout the house. If wall insulation is missing or inadequate, there are several options available to remedy this problem.

We proudly offer wall insulation installation in Missoula, Frenchtown, Lolo, Florence, Alberton, Lakeside, Huson, Bonner, Bigfork, Clinton, and all surrounding areas.

New insulation = energy performance transformation

Dr. Energy Saver can assess insulation levels throughout your house and recommend insulation upgrades that will significantly improve home energy efficiency. Dr. Energy Saver will then complete the improvements you select.

It's tricky to insulate finished walls. Walls are easy to insulate when the studs are still visible, before wallboard or other finished wall material is installed. Once the wall is finished, it's more difficult to get insulation inside the wall, in the cavities between studs. One technique for insulating finished walls involves drilling access holes near the top of the wall, and blowing cellulose insulation into empty stud cavities.

Air-sealing is the first step. Whether the exterior walls of your home are insulated or not, there's a very affordable way to improve their energy performance along with your comfort. If you can feel cold air coming into the house around electrical outlets and window trim on a cold winter day, your walls probably need to be air-sealed. This energy upgrade seals the many cracks, gaps and holes where air leakage occurs.

Don't overlook windows and doors. The energy performance of an exterior wall has a lot to do with the windows and doors that are installed in the wall. Modern, high-quality windows have features like low-e coatings and thermal breaks which make them more energy efficient than older windows. The same is true for exterior doors that have qualified for a Energy Star® rating. These doors have insulated cores and effective weatherstripping.

Find out if improved wall insulation is in your prescription for energy savings. Contact Dr. Energy Saver today to schedule a free insulation inspection and insulation upgrade estimate.

Start Saving Energy and Money With A Wall Insulation Upgrade.

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