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Weatherization in Greater Missoula Ensures Comfort, Energy Savings and Building Durability

Winterize your home: air sealing, home insulation, home energy audits and more!

Winterize your home in Montana

Sealing air leaks. Weatherization technicians often use spray foam to seal leaks in different parts of the house.

Weatherizing your MT home involves a wide range of improvements that protect a building and its interior from the effects of the weather. Proper weatherization details enable you to stay comfortable inside your home no matter what weather conditions prevail outside. These practices also help to maintain a more dependable and affordable monthly energy expense.

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Air Sealing: A Must for Weatherization

The "easy" part of weatherization involves stopping water leakage. It's easy because water leaks occur in predictable places that are easy to spot. A puddle on the basement floor usually indicates a leaky foundation, while a damp stain on the ceiling means that the roof is leaking.

Air leaks are trickier to locate but a large factor in weatherization/winterization. Although we can't usually see air leakage points, we can certainly feel their effects in the form of cold and drafty rooms during winter and interior "hot spots" during the summer.

Such leaks cause financial as well as physical discomfort because they have a huge impact on utility expenses. With too much "conditioned" (heated or cooled) air leaking out of the house and too much outside air leaking in, your HVAC system has to work harder and longer than necessary to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. Since nearly half of your total utility expenses go to heating and cooling, air leaks are costly.

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Most Houses Need Weatherization/Winterization Improvements

Most houses need weatherization work for two main reasons: too much air leakage and too little insulation. Many air leaks occur during the construction process, as plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors drill holes or create openings to run wires, pipes and ductwork. Other leaks occur as different building materials contract or expand naturally.

Inadequate insulation is another major energy leak found in most houses. Thus, it’s very important for homeowners to consider us as their trusted expert for home insulation in Montana.

A Home Energy Audit in MT Helps Prioritize

What’s the best way to clarify what work is necessary to weatherize your home? A home energy audit of course!

A home energy audit in Greater Missoula is a sure-fire way to see how leaky your house is and identify the weatherization work that will improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Cutaway view of a sump pump system before installation

Without adequate insulation, too much heat escapes your living space during cold weather and too much heat enters the house when it's hot outside.

Here are a few of the weatherization issues that an energy audit will identify :

Establish Your Weatherization/Winterization Plan

A complete home energy audit should include specific recommendations for weatherization improvements that will save you money while improving your interior comfort. The audit may include other recommendations as well, like replacing an inefficient water heater, for example. But weatherization improvements usually take top priority because they are "once-and-done" improvements that are affordable and very effective at saving energy and money.

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