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Water Conservation at Home in Montana

How Saving Water Saves Energy

Water saving shower headJust like oil or gas, water is a natural resource. While not considered an energy source, we use a lot of energy to pump it into our homes and make it work for us. If your goal is to save as much energy and money as possible, then it's a great idea to examine the ways you use water in your home if you're concerned about your home energy conservation. If your home uses city water and sewer lines, increasing your efficiency will cut your water and sewer bills. If your house has a well, then you're paying to pump less water out of the ground and into your home.

Saving water will also help to prevent you from overloading your septic system, which can be expensive to pump out. And when you cut down on unnecessary hot water use, you're saving on a bill that makes up 15% of your home energy total.

As part of our whole-house audit, we'll test the efficiency and usage of your water consumption, in order to make recommendations on how to best save water in your home. Call or contact Dr. Energy Saver online today for a Whole-House Energy Audit including how to conserve water in your home as well as a full home energy checkup of the 10 Energy Vital Signs. We service Montana, including Frenchtown, Lolo, Missoula and nearby.

Conserving Water and Increasing Efficiency Helps the Community!

Dr. Energy Saver says…

Water is a precious resource we can't afford to waste.

A mere 1% of water can be used for human consumption, and the average home wastes as much as 11,000 gallons of water each year!

As we help our homes make better use of resources, we help ourselves and our communities. Electricity counts for 80% of the expenses of water processing and distribution. Nationally, systems for preparing consumable water and treating waste water consumes 50 billion kilowatt-hours each year. That's enough energy to power over 4.5 million households for an entire year! That's energy that's coming from burning quickly depleting fossil fuels.

Start Saving Energy and Money With A Whole-House Energy Audit.

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